About us

Mission Statement

Our mission at VBS is to establish a personal, working relationship with each client that becomes a business partnership; thus “your silent business partner.”.  We provide quality administrative services and business “back office” support, at reasonable prices. which allow the “partner” to spend less time focusing on these processes and more time focusing on working with their clients.


Virtual Business Services


What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
A Virtual Assistant or VA is an independent contractor/ entrepreneur that provides various types of business support services on a remote basis, regardless of geographical boundaries. A Virtual Assistant is the often “unseen”  partner in your business.  I am interested in helping you grow your business, become more successful and have more time with your family and friends. Services are provided on a contractual basis via hourly rate or monthly retainer.  Call for prices, and detailed information regarding special projects.

Who benefits from partnering with  Virtual Business Services?
Busy executives, new entrepreneurs with limited time and hefty task lists; small business owners who don’t need and are unable to afford a full-time administrative staff for part-time workload and virtual providers looking for a qualified subcontractor.

Do you work with everyone?
Virtual Business Services takes every client and their work personally, and as such we consult with each client to determine whether or not we can meet their needs.  VBS  is willing to partner with entrepreneurs, executives, other virtual providers, as well as small business owners .  Every business entitiy could use a “silent” business partner-  we are here to partner with YOU!

Where can I learn more about the services offered by Virtual Business Services?
You can visit the services page to learn more about services offered or  complete our contact form. You will receive a response within 48 hours.


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