Virtual Business Services

"Your Silent Business Partner"

We are more than just another virtual assistant company; we are your “Silent Business Partner”.

  •   Are you an entrepreneur that feels overwhelmed by the paperwork and mundane administrative tasks in front of you?
  •   Do you want to start your own business and don’t know how?
  •   As a small business owner, are you in need of computer training for your staff but can’t afford the “big box” company rates?

SOLUTION:  Take on a Partner….A “Silent Business Partner”!

Time and Money are something we all need more of. More time for family and friends.  More time to build client relationships, which grow earnings. Partner with Virtual Business Services (VBS), a company whose team works hard to provide quality, efficient and personalized service to EVERY client. Start today with VBS and finally relinquish some of your worrisome tasks that have been piling up on your desk and have yet to be completed!

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BENEFITS of working with a VBS Virtual Assistant

  • Create more income
  • More time in your workday
  • No employee payroll taxes
  • Pay only for the hours of service you need (no more wasted hours)
  • Pay by the project or retainer package
  • Specialty services as you need them
  • Receive Personalized Service
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