“Angela is one of the best  trainers I’ve ever met. She worries about the “little” things that are most important to her students and classroom environment.   Angela is driven when it comes to learning a new application and its curriculum.  She quickly inputs her own tips that are tailored to the needs of her students.  Her training style is one that exudes confidence, a sense of humor,  understanding and humility. “

N. Gormley

Microknowledge, Inc.

Albany, NY

“Angela is a top notch administrative assistant.  She is not only detail oriented when it comes to scheduling appointments and coordinating travel arrangements;  but she understands the need for  confidentiality as well.   Ms. Davis was promoted during her tenure with Fidelis to a position that was more contract oriented with  a higher level of responsibility.  This was due to her quality work, excellent writing ability, team player mentality and ability to look ahead to future roles within the company.  Angela is the consummate team player  that anyone would want to help build their team or make it stronger.”

S. Goldstein

Fidelis Care

Albany, NY

“Angela is proficient at many services, as well as an  independent business woman. I enjoy her perseverance to get projects done in a timely manor or should I say ahead of schedule. She has been so influential that I have been compelled to partner with her on a few ventures. I can’t wait to see what’s next on her plight of successful business maneuvers. Pure intellectual energy is to say the least.”

Dwayne “Malik” SmithManager, Life Or Death entertainment/ L.OR.D TV

“Angela organized a fundraiser at one of the Maple Family Bowling Centers I service. All that attended had a marvelous time and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Good heart. Very prepared.”

Jim Santora

Maple Family Bowling Centers

“Angela Davis has been a great volunteer for the National Kidney Foundation Serving Greater New York. She is dedicated & passionate about the issue, which brings real commitment to getting the word out on this disease. Angela’s fundraising and administrative experience has been most helpful in her organizing several events for us.  Ms. Davis has been instrumental in recently organizing a free public health screening in her church.”

Ellen Yoshiuchi

Division Program Director

National Kidney Foundation of Greater New York

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